3 September 2018

Prof. Dr. Breidenbach checks my breast today! I am a bit nervous, hope all is alright and remember how I went to see her a year ago for the first time.

„I am really amazed how wonderful your breast is recovering! Much better than expected and there is no water retention, no lymphoma, nothing to worry about! The breasts are all fine and so are the lymphknots!“ is what I hear as the ultrasound head moves all over my breasts….Pfewww… what a relieve!

I am grateful for the reconfirmation and happy that I will only have to see her in December for the next check…

Ultrasound has saved my life and while a mammogram is a normal check for women over 50, there are no mandatory screening checks for young women….my gynecologist checked my breasts and felt the knot I had discovered and said „oh, probably just a cyst!“ and if she had not said „but I better check it with the ultrasound to be on the safe side!“, I might no longer be here! There are too many stories of young women being sent home, as something they feel „is probably just a cyst“, as they are too young for breast cancer!

Ultrasound can save lives and there is definitely improvement needed in our health system to make sure that young women are checked properly! #nevertooyoung

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