2 September 2018

Family time – I am alone with the kids until the early afternoon …. happy to spend the day between pancakes, playdoh and books, but exhausted and no rest for the wicked – we bought a bunk bed for the kids on eBay, which needs assembling… quite a task with these little rascals, but they actually enjoy it 😉 and I am frustrated, as half the screws are missing 🤦‍♀️

Have a nice Sunday – I am back to the construction site in the kids‘ room and then, I need some rest – after trying the popcorn cake I made yesterday! Pfewww….I am a bit sick, have hot flushes and will probably be in bed before the kids! I am also very thin skinned and ready to burst…. breath, breath, breath! Back to my doctor’s‘ routines tomorrow 😉

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