1 September 2018

I always thought that I was lucky in life and would never be seriously sick…. I was never really ill, never broke a bone, did not even have all the kids deseases…. sometimes, as a kid, I wanted to be ill, have an operation, get a cast, braces or at least glasses, but nothing and therefore I felt that I was immune to everything….. well, I had to think again! It can hit anyone!

Feel your boobs on the first! I won’t get tired of telling everyone over and over again that a quick body check can save your life – it is nothing to be ashamed of. I was raised in a generation, where you would not speak about boobs or genitals, leave alone check them. I believe that children have a natural body awareness and we need to make sure that they keep it for their entire body and learn that there can be issues with legs, toes, tummies, but also boobs, poo or genitals and it is nothing to be ashamed of, as not having it checked, if something feels wrong or letting a doctor brush you off, because you are young, can be a matter of life or death! Love yourself enough to look after yourself, check your body and make sure you do something about it, if something feels wrong!

I felt a lump while showering…. thank goodness, as I never checked my boobs – never! My doctor checked them in May and there was nothing! It was there – from one day to the other and in case you wonder what it feels like?!? Mine was hard as a stone, big as a chestnut and the little one felt like pebble stone under my skin… and yesterday one year ago my doctor said „I am sorry, but it is cancer and a really aggressive one as well, fast growing and happy to metastasis“.

There are different symptoms and self examination is not the holy grail, go to your regular check-ups as well, make sure you check your breast standing up for the outer tissue and laying down for the deeper one, check if there is discharge or dents – if you are unsure, think that something is not right, go and see a doctor and insist to be checked properly, as you can have breast cancer at any age!

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