31 August 2018

This is an early #feelitonthefirst post – today is my one year cancerversary of my diagnosis and how do I feel?!? Terrible!

This is the day I was sure that I would be back in my normal life after a summer of fun and a big bash to say thank you to everyone and celebrate life! But instead I am still in chemo, I am always tired – even after a long sleep, I feel exhausted, my breast hurts and my back as well and I want to be fit again! It is probably all the flashbacks that drag me down a bit… and the worry will hopefully go away on Monday, when I have a date with my doctor and my oncologist.

But then, I get a message from Nicole – we were diagnosed on the same day and I have a coffee, a shower and start reflecting the last year…. yes, I could have done without cancer and yes, it is horrible to live with the fear, but hey – I am here, I am alive and kicking and I gained so much…. weight…. yep, that’s not good, but my attitude towards excess weight is much better and my life is enriched! What I really gained though is a new perspective. There are now so many wonderful people I met throughout my cancer journey, I no longer want to miss and my journey so far is a success story, as I am cancer free as far as I am concerned. The oral chemo will be finished end of November. There will be rehab and a final operation and then it’s over and done with! Finito! Bye bye Breastcancer!

Maja visits and I am off to lymphdrainage and I am happy and thankful, a bit sentimental, but eager to live! Take care of yourself!

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