30 August 2018

Chemo sister Block asks what I do against cancer fatigue “sports and deleting 1/3 of my to do list” and she bursts out laughing together with nurse Fassbender, who giggles in the background. It’s maybe not a good day, as I am extremely tired and have already been to the beautician and the alternative practitioner – who now tries ultrasound on my hip to reduce bone aches …. whatever 🤷‍♀️ I try anything.

My veins are a nightmare at the moment, but that is a normal thing for cancer patients, either they don’t find them or they don’t punch them properly or there is no blood…. whatever it is, I get really irritated from being punched, when she wiggles the needle in my arm!

I sit quietly with a poke bowl, breath and rest before picking up the kids and their play date from Kindergarten…. and tonight? Tonight I will be in bed really early and do absolutely nothing!

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