29 August 2018

Perspective – My kids live in their own little world sometimes – Leo is building a solar system with hulas and is flying as a crazy Saturn through the Kindergarten grounds, while Mia is a baby fairy, a baby giraffe and a baby cat and sometimes all together and I, I also build my little world within my possibilities… going to LaufMamaLauf and the post office are more than enough to kill my energy, a coffee with Mona recharges batteries and unpacking a suitcase after I shower, takes an effort like climbing Everest, but I manage – proud as anything!

Our friend Sandra from Austria is passing through Cologne and visits with her three girls, I manage to prepare waffle dough and coffee with the kids, while I leave the baking to Steffi – our household aid – have a lovely chat and hearing the kids – mainly Mia – bubbling and giggling away, makes my heart jump ❤️ She admires those ‚big‘ girls, who are equally impressed by her saying the alphabet for 100th time and recapturing every little detail from our holiday!

My little perfect world circulates around my kids, a few daily duties and doctor’s appointments, as I am still in chemo treatment, but there is a parallel universe, where I am being far away from everything and tonight is one of those moments, where I am in another world. Lea and I spend the evening in the Residenz cinema – a wonderful place and I have never seen anything quite like it. We are confused when being handed 3D glasses, as we bought tickets for „The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society“ – a book club story about heroism, love and resistance during the war, tragedy, pen pals and soul connections in the beautiful settings of London and Guernsey in 1946. Not the typical 3D material, but we quite quickly learn that we are supposed to be in the small cinema next door, where we are sitting in wide comfy seats with foot stools in an intimate private atmosphere with only a few guests amongst bookshelves sipping a welcome drink! I naturally cry my eyes out, as I hear feel the wind amongst the cliffs, breath the salty air and feel the love…only during little blinks do I think about cancer and death, mainly due to the story line, but I also think about my little story of love, lost love and soul connections… while enjoying my time-out! What a little gem – I will be back ❤️

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