30 September 2018

Everyone from my prenatal class reunion cancelled today, but you know what? Then I have more time with Leo ❤️ … it is just a pity that I cancelled a visit from two ships mates because of it, but they will visit me another time 😉

This morning I buried myself in paperwork for the insurance company to get money back. It is not overly complicated, but my hand is bad at handwriting at the moment and my brain is bad at concentrating…. that does not help. I try my best though and put it aside now to spend a mother son afternoon with Leo ❤️

Today I checked my blog stats and I am in awe to see that my blog is read in 93 countries…. my traveler heart jumps with joy! Thank you all for following my journey, your time, support and love – it means the world to me and keeps me going ❤️

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