1 October 2018

#feelitonthefirst – bam – it is breast cancer awareness month!

Feel your breasts, look after yourself and be kind to yourself!

I am in breast cancer therapy for over a year now, I am tired and exhausted, but happy to be alive! I am happy that I felt a lump while showing and the earlier breast cancer is detected, the easier it is to be treated! Lucky me!

Listen to your body – you are the one who know it best! Cancer can hit anyone at any age at any time – it does not ask, if it is a good time for you…. it simply sneaks around the corner and hits you in the face, when you expect it the least!

I am having a cold, but will look after myself in between singing sharmanic songs in music therapy, coffee with kindergarten friend Lars, getting my 14th sick note. Fun fact – as I drop it off, HR tells me that it’s my 10th anniversary with HRG today – crazy…. I have been back in Germany for 10 years already! Wow!

It’s time to take my flu battled body home listening to the mellow sounds of Miles Davis, which puts me into a little peaceful bubble before I have to do the paediatric run with the kids for Leo’s annual check up ….no rest for the wicked 😉

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