26 September 2018

I spend my afternoon in a little Pirat world with sticky happy kids, glowing cheeks, cheers and laughter, Pirat songs yelled on top of their lungs, a tug of war with trembling bodies and little feet counting their steps through the underwood, while clinging to their stained and burned treasure map….the excitement of plunging voices and dirty fingers digging through gold nuggets.

I cry a lot today, as my heart is full of love watching my little pirat growing up – I am grateful that I can be here to dive into this beautiful autumn afternoon and enjoy a glass of champagne with my remaining family and friends, as the day comes to an end and the time of Leo’s birth repeats. Four years already and I don’t want to miss a minute and want many many more.

Two little pirates stay with me, as everyone else leaves and my heart melts away as they snuggle up to me ❤️ I am so grateful, full of love and ready to pass out any minute 😉

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