27 September 2018

Determination … I go the extra mile, get the job done, mobilize extra energy to reach a goal, strive for perfection, there is no such thing as a dead end, I get back to you immediately, get things done, while multitasking is my middle name and never say no, as I love the challenge – that was my life…until I got my diagnosis.

Now I accepted that I can no longer do everything I want, need to ration my energy carefully and have to live with unfinished work and very long timelines.

I have neither fully arrived in nor completely accepted my new normal, but I am getting there!

I happily used and mobilized all my energy during the last ten days for all the events and birthday preparations, for making invitations, organizing presents and the party, decorations, details, food… I dived into it, did it all until the job was done in an attempt to make the kids happy and myself, to create lasting memories – just in case….but today, I know that I have to rest, decline a breakfast date and do nothing.

There are appointments again tomorrow, but today is mellow – I spend a calm morning with the kids and after I drop them off I simply rest and dose until pick up time and I am having an early night ❤️ look after yourself – I am on my final stretch and will recharge my batteries in the Avéne clinic! I am more than ready to go and I got my flight details for the 7th now – yipehhhh!!!

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