24 September 2018

One year ago I cut my hair and sported a pixie cut for ten days before I went bald….. and now, my hair looks similar, but boy…. there is so much that happened …..

Shall I tell you what I am looking forward to next?! I am so excited! During the Dreamball, Gaby Wurth, Director Marketing & Communication at Pierre Fabre, a pharmaceutical and cosmetics corporation and my Dreamball sponsor, informed the audience that they started a cure programme two years ago at their Avène Thermal Clinic specially designed to help chemo patients. She then announced that they are happy to send the first German patient to a three week cure this autumn and guess who that is?!?!

Me me me…. whooohooooo! It is unbelievable and I can even take my Mum and my kids for the first two weeks along with me …. I cannot wait to go and sometimes think that it is all a dream!! There is still a ton of paperwork and admin to be done – mainly with my insurance company, but then I will to France. I worked in the area before, absolutely love it and I am longing to depart!

Avène, I will see you in October and until the I lick my wounds before I hand this job over to the clinic and the thermal water …. hmmmm! Lucky lucky me 🤗 Thank you sooo much for not only sending Maja and myself to the Dreamball, which still seems like a dream, but for going above and beyond any possible expectations.

And now I am diving back into my Pirat Party birthday preps…. only two sleeps and Leo will be 4….. ahhhhh! So much to do!

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