23 October 2018

It’s a wrap…. tomorrow we will film the last little scenes and then I have more time again for writing, relaxing and myself, but for now I am grateful to be distracted, as my bosom buddy Paula is waiting to find out, if she has skin metas and the pathology results will only be ready tomorrow and not as promised today….

waiting waiting waiting…. it is like a never ending story with cancer! You spend endless hours in waiting rooms, for scans, more important the results and despite the fact that you somehow develop a routine, it is horrible! Distraction is key and here we go:

Today my highlights are the medical make-up Seminar, which I had privately today for the film, but which I will have with some other patients Friday. It is really nice and I learn new tricks – which is inevitable, as the skin often shows what the body has been through and the acne and skin irritations are normal. I was lucky, but hey, I make an effort and a little spot decides to grow five minutes prior to the seminar 😉

The other set today is the Pierre Fabre lab, where I learn about the thermal springs and how the quality is monitored!

And just as I want to post it, the message arrives…. Paula has no metas 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I cannot stop crying… whooohooooo!

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