22 October 2018

Stardom is hard business 😂😂😂 I have a super nice day with a tour around the Avène production site - which was shut down, but we will probably see it live in action tomorrow! Then therapy and lunch and another therapy session for the interview and photos.... I really enjoyed it, now I rest and... Continue Reading →

21 October 2018

Got stuck with a TV series yesterday..... but I needed it along with a glass of red wine and today I feel much better today .... there is a hint of a cold left and I listen to my body and take it easy! Today is ME day - I have a lay in, a... Continue Reading →

20 October 2018

Check out Serena William's Video for #breastcancerawareness.... not only does it fit my mood, but it ties in quite nicely with the German campaign #brustbewusst - #chestconscious - by Pink Ribbon Germany and Regina Halmich. Check out Pink Ribbon Germany - who raise awareness for breastcancer, self-awareness and self-care! Check yourself and speak about it!

19 October 2018

(Scroll down for English) #GibAchtaufDich - eine Aktion der Kooperationsgemeinschaft Mammographie für den Brustkrebsmonat Oktober, aber es ist so viel mehr! Ja, natürlich ist ein Punkt, dass die Frauen über 50 regelmäßig am Screening Programm teilnehmen, aber was ist mit den jungen Frauen.... Brustkrebs diskriminiert nicht - es kann jeden treffen und in jedem Alter.... Continue Reading →

18 October 2018

#throwbackthursday - me at LaufMamaLauf pumpkin training 18 October of last year. Despite being a sportive failure by all means, hiding my insecurity with humor and feeling insecure in my body, sport has always played a major role in my wellbeing and I continue throughout my treatment to be active and attend my sports classes... Continue Reading →

17 October 2018

What a tough day it was yesterday ... emotionally - I need a while to digest it and I have a restless night. The Avène post cancer treatment also caters to the emotional side effects of the therapy and after the Art Therapy last week, I am attending two group sessions with the psychologist -... Continue Reading →

16 October 2018

Take the day off for a good cause! Clinique launched a social media champaign to support breast cancer research! It is really easy: - take off your make-up - post a picture or a video on YouTube or Instagram - mark it with #takethedayoffchallenge and #TimeToEndBreastCancer Clinique will donate 10€ for each post to Breast... Continue Reading →

15 October 2018

What a wonderful break - one day in Carcassonne - one day without rain - one day of happy sunshine - one day of culture, people, little shops, busy streets and lots of history..... and my kids are so happy, glowing, bright-eyed and smiling.... And despite the fact that I am not a fan of... Continue Reading →

14 October 2018

Today I will one more time, draw your attention to the Look Good Feel Better patient programmes. It is run all over the world and it is something that not only helps the women feel better about themselves with make-up and tips and tricks how to draw eyebrows, of none of yours are left, no,... Continue Reading →

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