15 October 2018

What a wonderful break – one day in Carcassonne – one day without rain – one day of happy sunshine – one day of culture, people, little shops, busy streets and lots of history….. and my kids are so happy, glowing, bright-eyed and smiling….

And despite the fact that I am not a fan of children’s arms, I get Leo a full knight outfit – well, his granny did in fact…. what the heck – he is so happy and it is all the soft foam and we are sorted for next carnival. Do I spoil my kids?!? Yes! And I do it intentionally and from the bottom of my heart. You cannot make up for missed time, for the times they only play a second role, for days spend at home instead on the playground, as Mummy is too weak to go out…. we explore the castle, buy candy and ice cream and two happy, tired and very stick kids travel back with me to Avène!

“Gosh, there is so much I have to tell my friends in Kindergarten – I might have to bring my knight outfit for toy day, I guess!” Laying in bed next to an excited Leo raving about knights and kings, adventures and heroism, makes my heart melt and despite being exhausted, it was energy well invested and I want the memories to last…

Today we stay here, watching the storm blast around hotel with heavy rain and Leo, Mia and their new friends are knights and protect the hotel lobby and the guests…I will go swimming with them now to present clean and happy kids at the cocktail reception tonight (Mia still has a whiff vomit odour from the car ride, which was a first and I was completely unprepared, but it did not spoil our day)!

Thank you, Avène, for organizing this trip – it was amazing!

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