14 October 2018

Today I will one more time, draw your attention to the Look Good Feel Better patient programmes. It is run all over the world and it is something that not only helps the women feel better about themselves with make-up and tips and tricks how to draw eyebrows, of none of yours are left, no, it also gives a chance for an exchange with fellow patients and leaves them glowing inside and out.

There is cancer, but the seminars do not leave much room for it and focus on the women and their feelings. Thank you, DKMS LIFE, who run these seminars in Germany and do so much more to raise awareness! It is an heartfelt desire to support this charity that lives purely on donations and sponsors!

If you are a patient, go and join a seminar, they are free and run in most cities. Check out their website! And if you are not a patient and want to donate, you can also check out the website 😉

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