13 October 2018

Apparently the thermal water makes your hair grow rapidly?!?! I had a haircut ten days ago…. but good to know I am not alone and get my hair trimmed during Leo’s hairdresser visit 😉

Little weather update – it is raining a bit less now and tomorrow we go to Carcassonne and it should be dry…. most of the day!

Today I get a little time out… not that the treatment isn’t one, but the water makes me tired and it is day six of me getting up before the kids and Mum and we all go to bed together at night… this morning she takes them to the park though, as the weather clears a bit and I linger in the bar overlooking the golden October foliage …. I drink tea, let my thoughts flow and float and actually continue writing my book. Pure bliss!!

And now we are off to the pool!

Treatment news – Dr. Petite will change the body wrapping to something else…. watch this space 😉.

Food plays quite an important role in my cure life….If I continue to eat at this pace, there will be more than my extra 10 kilos…. but the cuisine of the Avène l’Hotel is to die for…. and we are on full board…. I could get used to this, Avène ❤️

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