12 October 2018

Body wrapping – yeah – after a dreadful night with restless episodes (funnily enough I would have expected heavenly sleep after all the respiration, relaxation and meditation) I am yawning and ready to be wrapped head to toe.

There is a comfortable bed waiting for me, Sandra put the cream on my back…. plenty, I slide onto the plastic lining, which covers the sheets, cream is put on the rest of my body, I am being wrapped in more plastic and wrapped into a duvet with an emergency button in reach. Sandra takes some pictures and 45 minutes of resting lay ahead of me, but already after one minute it starts to itch….. hmmmm…. maybe the sheet underneath my body is wrinkled?!? I try to adjust it, scratch and turn myself…. only 10 minutes have past and I try to get comfortable…. more itching and turning and after 30 minutes, there are sheets and blankets all over the feet and my body is no longer fully covered. I ring the bell….

A nurse arrives and is shocked to see the mess and says we stop it here and now. As I climb out of the cream, sheet and plastic foil mess, I see that my skin is actually bright red and I cannot stop itching…. plastic reaction I guess! I am glad to have escaped 😉 and I Wonder if there are alternatives for next week, but I am sure that there is a solution!

Now it is family time for the rest of the day with hair dressers and swimming! …. and somehow I need to get some rest 🤷‍♀️

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