11 October 2018

Have you ever been in an old countryside home? Those one that blend in with the countryside, made of rough stones?

Well, there is a certain smell, when you enter them, a mixture of wood, dust and chimney wood fires.

Les Mûriers – the building where a lot of the afternoon classes are held, has this smell…. the building does not look that old, as it was probably renovated, but under the beautiful shell, there is the rough smell…. and it takes me back to 1994, when I was a babysitter and assistant to a family in Paris, who sold restored old farm houses near Dijon to Germans…. smelling this house, let’s me see Monsieur in front of the fireplace checking the Latin vocabulary of a very scared Xavier Alexandre or was that the younger brother? I see misty fields and horse stables and feel the cold winter draught sneak through the gaps in the walls, the smell of coffee and the taste of the fresh bread dipped into it.

Yesterday’s pilates started this trip down memory lane and during the breathing class today, I continue…. while I learn that nobody need shoulders for breathing – what an eye opener 😉…. I am extremely tired though, as our little excursion to Avène with two strollers this morning was rather tiring, but I am so happy that Elise from the thermal center organized them.

One hour of respiration is followed by 90 minutes of relaxation & meditation. I am so tired, but thanks to the lady from Alsace, who snores for the major part of the relaxation, I am in the here and now. Others get really annoyed and storm out of the class with the result that only half the class stays for the meditation – the lady from Alsace leaves with them and I feel sorry for her. If it annoys them so much, why not go over to her and wake her…. she probably would have equally appreciated it. If anyone ever does a class with me and I snore, can you please have mercy and wake me?!?!

The meditation really relaxes and calms me and reminds me that I need to find my rhythm again to meditate on a regular basis. While I was the youngest, yesterday, it is quite a mixed group today and we all part happy and tranquil. It is 5pm and I hope I will stay awake until dinner, but all the water and fresh air paired with cancer fatigue really exhausts me – apparently people are more awake in week two and three öfter treatment though…. fingers crossed!

My scalp is a bit itchy probably due to all the scalp massaging and I realize that I put cream all over my body after thermal therapy, but nothing on my scalp….. hmm…. I will ask tomorrow!

For those who asked – here are the prices and it is definitely worthwhile to check with you insurance company for coverage 😉

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