21 October 2018

Got stuck with a TV series yesterday….. but I needed it along with a glass of red wine and today I feel much better today …. there is a hint of a cold left and I listen to my body and take it easy!

Today is ME day – I have a lay in, a relaxed breakfast and not only is the breakfast great, they try for local and regional supplies. The lady, who delivers the fruit and home made jams and spreads, lives up the hill in a little village and the juices are produced locally. It feels right….

The bar is empty now and I play or rather practice on the grand piano….“Halleluja“, but there is no religious thought behind it – it is the Cohen version…. I like Leonard Cohen, but the reason is really that it is one of the easy playing songs and a nice alternative to „Pour Elise“….

For me, it means so much more though…. meditation, happiness, tranquility…. I had this longing to play for a long time and used my first maternity leave for piano lessons. Now I think I need to get my old piano to Cologne and I want to paint it in a bright colour – never mind the neighbours….I always wanted that….the firsts guests enter the bar and I finally go outside.

With all the rain of the last weeks, being locked in the hotel, felt a bit like being at sea – the narrow wooden terrace resembling the deck, the shape of the hotel is sleek and round, light and spacious with large windows. It did not feel that we were stuck in there, but it brought us together and I really enjoyed the intensive moments with my kids – without distraction.

It is a beautiful sunny autumn day. Instead of running, I just sit by the river…. listening to the river rippling, while the sun kisses my face and a light breeze sweeps through the golden foliage…. peace, light, calm – I meditate and indulge in the moment…. and this afternoon, I will draw – I brought some water colours – …. maybe….. Let’s see how it flows – have an happy Sunday 🙏

Oups….. Gaby Wurth, Marketing & Communication Director at Pierre Fabre and the journalist Matthias Fuchs just arrived – off we go to shoot some material and spend a lovely afternoon in the now beautifully sunny Avène and it’s scenic surroundings presented in the most beautiful fall foilage 😉

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