31 October 2017

London, my love, thanks for bringing back all these wonderful memories …. the smell of the tube, the poppy vendors, brick buildings, cider, pub food, the busy and the calm, catching up with Muriel and seeing Rob after probably more than 15 years! I go with the flow, decide to skip the museum, as the weather is gorgeous…. I go the first time on top of St. Paul’s cathedral – as a student the entrance was too expensive – I was always broke as a student – but now it’s free with the handicapped ID…. I know, but there need to be advantages, right?!?

London makes me feel at home… the accent, the vibes, the diversity – but so also had lonely and hard times here! It is the spectrum of emotions, but we are off to Southampton soon – ready to take a another turn on my trip down memory lane! I love it!

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