29 October 2018

Welcome back to my cancer routines….. my aim – trying to maintain my new level of awareness through everyday life. Thank goodness my trial period is only two days long, as tomorrow I am off to London.

My guilty conscious is knocking on the door – I am leaving the kids again for another five nights…. but this trip down memory lane with 30 odd ex QE2 crew was booked more than two years ago and I cannot wait…. one night in a London and then off to Southampton! 1- 4 November will be spent onboard QM2 and it is also a trip back to my diagnosis….

26 August 2017, when I felt the knot in my breast, I was in the shower in a London hotel, getting ready to travel down to Southampton for a QE2 reunion …. but history won’t repeat itself! I am on my way to re-write it!

London is always sentimental, as I studied there, love it, had lovely business trips, met the key men in my life there – Markus and Nick – had the weirdest hair colours, cool jobs …

When you think that all is going according to plan, it is bound to change – my onchologist wants me to get an x-ray of my finger …. off to Pan clinic and I am lucky, they fit me in…. as I sit there waiting I have flash backs to the 31 August 2017, when I was waiting for my mammogram just before getting my diagnosis -breast cancer…. and I was here to get a CT of my thorax due to endless coughing…. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and only then, when the doctor gave me the results, I realize that they suspected metastasis…. third time lucky?!? Let’s see…. to use the time efficiently, I distribute #gibachtaufdich stickers and pins to the onchology staff and the radiology team. Waiting waiting waiting …. but I am happy that they squeeze me in 😉

The extensor is torn and there is a little piece of bone next to it, which should not be there…. I should see my doctor…great! I rush to pick up the kids and have the next appointment at 5pm…. did I mention that I have not started packing?!? You didn’t really think I had started?!? The flight is only tomorrow afternoon – plenty of time left 😂

Therefore I spend the evening again waiting for a doctor – Story of my life ….

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