21 January 2018

I am so shocked and so sad. I found out last night that my school friend Sandra died in a car accident on Friday. We have not been in touch for almost five years, but I knew her already from primary school, we shared so many memories, went horseback riding for years, tried rowing, were in a basketball team, shared ups and downs…. Sandra has two daughters, I just cry thinking about her family and I cannot believe it. I was sure to meet her this year for our 25 year high school reunion! I am still in shock….

My cousin also had a terrible car accident last week, but he was lucky and it was a miracle he survived.

We take it all for granted, but have to treasure each person and live each moment. When you have cancer, you think about the possibility of death, but suddenly being taken away like this, feels unreal and so unfair!

YOLO – you only live once ❤️

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