20 January 2018

Chillaxing with one of my best friends – best therapy ever ❤️ Anne points out that I have a massive number reading issue with my chemo brain, as I read out some numbers and prices to her and apparently say them all in the wrong order …. hmmm…. mental note to self – no more online banking post chemo!

I read an article yesterday (yep, one day post chemo and I am able to read again!) that the compulsory mammography scans are not bringing the results they were supposed to bring – especially as there is no point having them prior to 50, as the breast tissue is too dense, „young“ cancer patients like me (in cancer terms, I am considered being a spring chicken at 44 😉) are missing out on being diagnosed early enough…. the good news is that there might be a blood test that can determine, weather you have cancer or not! This is why cancer research needs to be supported!!

What a coincidence – as I plan my trip to Bali, the best option is to fly via Singapore! A friend of mine is traveling the same day from Melbourne to Singapore and we will spend a one night in Singapore. Silke will only join me later anyway, so this is a winwin for all of us and makes my eastbound journey very relaxed and I can catch up with my friend! All is booked now – will be in Bali 16th February – 2nd March 🙏

My granddad would have been 110 today and I am taking a trip down memory lane. This afternoon I am meeting my friend Holger – we were in love when I was 18, but I was too shy to admit it …. teenage troubles…. he then found himself another girlfriend and I was heartbroken. We have been back in touch for a while and I am very happy that we sorted it out. Life is too short for problems and I am even more eager to get rid off any issues since I have cancer! If there are misunderstandings/ problems, I like to talk about them, overcome any issues, forgive other people or myself and move on! I am more in the here and now, try not to look back with regret and not to plan too much for the future…. that is at least what I try to do 😉

We scroll through the rainy Frankfurt, chat away and have dinner and drinks before taking the trains in different directions.

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

2 Kommentare

  1. Hi Alex,
    have you ever been to Bhutan? The kingdom is known for his citizens to be the most happy people of the planet.
    Your attitude towards life is worth adopting if you ask me.
    Have a good week and carry on like you used to do.
    Big hug


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