19 January 2018

Instagram’s Paulina posted that her tumor did not much care about the EC chemo and I have to think about her all the time. They will operate next week now and then try another chemo – there are options and that is great, but it is scary and I cannot stop thinking about her ❤️ it also makes me appreciate even more that my tumor is gone, as it is not uncommon that chemo does not work, but luckily chemo is only one of the steps! Cancer, it is not fair how you play, but you messed with the wrong girl! Go Paulina 👍🏻

I am going to Frankfurt to stay with Anne & her family …. whooohooooo! Cannot wait to see her – Thank you Markus for staying with the kids!

Due to hurricane Friederike, almost all trains are cancelled, but I am able to catch a later super fast one and despite a 45 minutes delay due to a missing train conductor, I still arrive at the same time I was supposed to be there 🎉 Lucky me!

I did shave my head again…. I had the feeling my hair was falling out and I looked ill. I am a proper Mr. Clean again! Unfortunately I had to say good bye to a few lashes as well 😢, but I am ok with it this time around. The end is near! And I started coughing again…. I will monitor it, as I cannot face another pneumonia! Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit and hypochondriac, but I cannot read or trust my body anymore, when it comes to my immune system. It is still doing a great job with all the chemo poisons, but is too busy for the normal wee colds nowadays. We will see! I have a sauna date with the girls on Sunday and hope I will be fit – fingers crossed!

Side effects from chemo – numb fingers and feet, very dry skin inside and out, bone aches, light skin irritations, hunger and water retention (also in my face … well, I do not have any wrinkles now 😉). It could be worse though and a good night’s sleep really helped! Total weight gain – 4kgs and I hope it won’t be more.

I am chilling on Anne’s Sofa skipping the kids‘ afternoon activities and look forward to some quality girlfriend time later on ❤️

A new thing I discovered, are inspirational podcasts…. I am trying a few! The boring ones help me to sleep…. any recommendations???Our 14€ Sushi lunch.....

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