18 January 2018

Life is like a bag of candy – you only know what something tastes like, when you actually try it….. Hurray it’s chemo day!

What a night…. Mia was crying a lot, basically slept on top of me and in short intervalls and I didn’t 🙄. I stayed up late with Anke and chatted, but had to run all the time to look after Mia, who wants her „Mamaaa“ and wish I had more time with her, but she is already on her way back to Munich after bringing a bag of sunshine into my life and I have a chemo date. My eyes are burning and red and I look forward to sleeping!

I do ask chemo nurse Fassbender in an hopeless attempt, if the cortisone could be reduced a little bit – no chance…. what a surprise!

Frau Fassbender promises that all will be normal again after the end of chemo and always has encouraging words. Only three chemos left now! …. might as well stuff my face with the licorice Caroline sent from Sweden 😜

I am calm and happy as I leave – there is a massive storm, but it’s sunny and I feel gratitude. What for? I don’t know…. the sun, being alive with relatively little side effects, the nice people in bearsalad & more, who prepare my weekly carrot juice and a jacket potato, as I sit there, wait for my order and watch the people being blown away! They actually help each other and that also makes me happy.

I organized a playdate with Steffi and the kids at Simone’s and sleep all afternoon. Markus took the car to work today and picks them up. They break down with the car, but actually right outside our house. I will sleep now, Markus will go to play sports and we deal with that tomorrow!

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