17 January 2018

„You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago!“ …. I forget an 8:10h appointment with Frau Dietrich, put on a coat and ride my bike in my PJs to the physio therapy ….. it snowed during the night and the road is really slippery, but I make it and she does the lymphdrainage, tells me that my weightgain is mainly water retention due to cortisone and fixed a dislocated bone in my hand, which will hopefully be ok soon 😉

By the time I stop home to put my sportswear on and slowly ride to Nippes, the running Mamas have already left and I am running all over the place until I finally meet them, quick coffee, shower, Anke is already in Cologne and we rush to the genetics test.

The doctor scribbles a large family tree on a piece of paper and I have to send quite a few messages to my Mum to find out family connection, birthdates and illnesses and she makes three attempts to take some blood. I have plasters everywhere 🙄. I will get a letter saying that the results are there in four weeks time and will have to come back!

Anke and I have time for a coffee and scroll through town. It is wonderful to chat away and I wish she would stay longer ❤️

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