16 January 2018

Sleep – restless, energy level – zero, mood – down, bones – hurt….. poor me 😉

My tummy cramps and for the first time I think „oh, another tumor“ … stupid! But apparently normal!

Thank God I have a breakfast date, the kids are back today, I am going out with the girls tonight and my friend Anke from Munich is visiting for one night tomorrow. She is one of these friends, who I don’t see a lot, but it is like time does not pass…. and we are sooo much alike! We met in Ealing, where I started uni with my flight attendant buddy Jan, who was her boyfriend…. sometimes I wonder about the ifs… if I had studied architecture, I would not have accepted the temp flight attendant job, would not have met Anne, would not have met Jan, would not have ended up in Ealing, would not have gone to sea and what if I had been with Holger, Rob or Nick…. yet another story 😉

I spend yet another morning in Café Pause, with Simone and Hannah…. This is kind of my therapy. I sit with Hannah until the afternoon, and Tatjana comes in and chats to me, Nina joins us for a quick coffee and we talk and talk and talk….now I am ready for the rest of the day! Thank you, girls 😘

Pan Clinic gives me the paperwork for the genetics test and Holweide gives me the operation timelines. I will have to meet Prof. Dr. Warm 5th of March and the operation will be on the 8th, which means that I have a travel window between the 14th Feb and 5th March, which should be enough…. Bali, here I come. I feel guilty for traveling without my kids, but will probably come back on the 1st to spend some quality time with them before going to hospital…. I do need the time to recharge my batteries!

I am taking a train to Hagen, where Mum hands over the kids half way … I cannot wait! And I am glad that Leo calls and says that he actually looks forward to coming home ❤️

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