22 January 2018

I have a cold, a sore throat and I am doing nothing!! Promise! I think a lot about Sandra, exchange memories & pictures with our little circle of girlfriends from school.... we were really close and shared so many memories. I will always be really close to them, even though we are not regularly in... Continue Reading →

21 January 2018

I am so shocked and so sad. I found out last night that my school friend Sandra died in a car accident on Friday. We have not been in touch for almost five years, but I knew her already from primary school, we shared so many memories, went horseback riding for years, tried rowing, were... Continue Reading →

20 January 2018

Chillaxing with one of my best friends - best therapy ever ❤️ Anne points out that I have a massive number reading issue with my chemo brain, as I read out some numbers and prices to her and apparently say them all in the wrong order .... hmmm.... mental note to self - no more... Continue Reading →

19 January 2018

Instagram's Paulina posted that her tumor did not much care about the EC chemo and I have to think about her all the time. They will operate next week now and then try another chemo - there are options and that is great, but it is scary and I cannot stop thinking about her ❤️... Continue Reading →

18 January 2018

Life is like a bag of candy - you only know what something tastes like, when you actually try it..... Hurray it's chemo day! What a night.... Mia was crying a lot, basically slept on top of me and in short intervalls and I didn't 🙄. I stayed up late with Anke and chatted, but... Continue Reading →

17 January 2018

"You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago!" .... I forget an 8:10h appointment with Frau Dietrich, put on a coat and ride my bike in my PJs to the physio therapy ..... it snowed during the night and the road is really slippery, but I make it and she does the lymphdrainage, tells... Continue Reading →

16 January 2018

Sleep - restless, energy level - zero, mood - down, bones - hurt..... poor me 😉 My tummy cramps and for the first time I think "oh, another tumor" ... stupid! But apparently normal! Thank God I have a breakfast date, the kids are back today, I am going out with the girls tonight and... Continue Reading →

15 January 2018

Chemo drenches any liquid out of your body. My throat, my skin, all is dry and despite permanent moisturizing, it is getting worse! Thank god the end is near and kudos to all the endless supply of lotions and cremes I have been given - how did you guys know?!? To treat my skin, I... Continue Reading →

14 January 2018

Writing a blog is like talking to the universe... in a way! I blog about licorice and ....whooop... Caroline and Eva send me licorice .... I wonder what else I could write about 😉 Thanks!! It is a beautiful sunny day, the kids are at my parents, I can sleep and ..... have a massive... Continue Reading →

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