14 January 2018

Writing a blog is like talking to the universe… in a way! I blog about licorice and ….whooop… Caroline and Eva send me licorice …. I wonder what else I could write about 😉 Thanks!!

It is a beautiful sunny day, the kids are at my parents, I can sleep and ….. have a massive cold 🙄 It is annoying, as my sinuses are really dry and I have a few nose bleeds lately…No sauna, no swimming, but maybe a walk?!? Thank God I got myself a weekly newspaper yesterday …. just some coffee now and I can spend the morning in bed ❤️

I still have difficulties reading. The newspaper articles are too long… My concentration span is almost zero….I don’t even try to read any books, but Olivia sent me The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey – a book with short statements, which is easy to read… and inspirational! Thanks, Oli! Newspaper, Oprah and by the afternoon maybe a novel….!?!?

One thing I have to do is fill in the paperwork for my genetics test on Wednesday. „Can you print something at home? Then it is enough, if you show up at 1.30pm!“ – Sure, little did I know that she was talking about 48 pages!?? Well, I will have a look at it today. The test is there to see, if I carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation that are connected to hereditary breast cancer and known since Angelina Jolie had her breasts removed. It is important not only for me and the planned operation, but also for any of my relatives, who would also need close check ups, if I carry it.

I actually spend all day in bed, reading, watching a movie, on the phone…, but I needed it so much. I know that I spend way too much time on the phone and in the social media, but it is is easy and does not take much concentration….am actively reducing it though. In a way, they play different roles … Facebook is the ‚blast from the past‘ with all my shipmates and Insta is my cancer world and funnily enough, I feel really close to these cancer girls, who I have never met, but chat with now and then….and my Facebook Kick Cancer Chick page combines both shipmates & cancer and my daily life & childhood friends are popping up in all medias…Pinterest is my interior design world, but for some reason, I have completely lost interest since my diagnosis – actually the entire subject does no longer interest me. I wanted to be an interior designer or architect since I was a young girl, which makes it strange… I did check out tattoos on Pinterest though…. I have never been a tattoo person, as my taste changes quite frequently, but maybe I will get a post cancer tattoo!??!

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