12 January 2018

Cortisone – love you and hate you….. forget the the rosy cheeks, as it is does not make up for the downturns….. not even a tiny weeny bit! No way! Apart from gaining weight and retaining water, I did not sleep all afternoon yesterday!! I rested though and listened to an audio book and watched a movie… Highlight of the day: I read something to the kids, when they came home and they were exhausted, Markus was happy to go to his Jujutsu training and the kids fell asleep really quickly. Mia always sings and talks a lot before she doses off…. just like Leo did ❤️ Adorable ❤️

I do not fall asleep until late and the kids wake me early. Mia is a bit hot today, so we decide to keep her at home and Markus can take a few hour off until she is napping….

Sylvie’s daughter Marie is in hospital…. So sorry for the newly 10 year old…. I change a book I bought for her, but am too tired to drop it off in hospital, as it is really far away and have breakfast with Maja in Café Schmitz instead – Love the place and their porridge!

On the way home I run into this Thai Massage special offer – pure bliss – and …. oh no…. buy clothes again….. I have to stop this post chemo retail therapy, as this is getting out of hands – I already bought a wooly sweater and a cardigan yesterday, but at least second hand 😉 The lady in the shop chats to me about cancer and gives me another 10% discount on the dress and the t-shirt. „Is that a cancer discount?“ I ask „Yes, I think you are handling this so well or do you find that this is inappropriate?!“ Not at all and I told her that I also got 20% discount on my new shoes 😉 Thank you Kiss the Inuit!

Bad Mum moments today: millions, I spend the early morning with the kids, but then I go away and I sleep, while Steffi is with the kids…. I have to look after myself and have to make sure I only see them as much as I can handle right now, but it hurts. We are dropping them off at my parents tomorrow morning for two nights for the same reason – it is the first time ever though that they have both kids and the kids really look forward to it. I just need one or two days, where I can have a layin! I join Steffi and the kids in the late afternoon and we build and ironboard slide, have dinner and a nice evening…both kids have diarrhea and a light temperature though…. fingers crossed for our weekend plans.

Update on the hair count: lost the last two ‚old‘ eyebrow hairs on the left side during the day, but there are plenty of baby ones to make up for it 😀

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