11 January 2018

Chemo 12/16 is in the books ✔️….. as I am early, I decide to have a coffee in Café Fleur, where I have not been since my first date with Dr. Reiser. As I jump out of the taxi, I bump into Bianca, whose daughter used to go to Leo’s kindergarten. She follows my story and joins me for a very quick coffee – I was not that early after all….

All chemos are lined up and the last one is 7th February 🎉. The clinic calls between two infusions and I quickly go in the hallway with my stand and fix an MRT (MRI) appointment 2nd of February. The operation will be scheduled min. three weeks post the last chemo….. the later the better 😉 It shall not interfere with my travel plans, but she seems to be aware: „So you are planning to go to Bali prior to your operation…“ I will have to see Prof. Warm though prior to the operation and traveling. Whatever it takes – I will make it work!

The insurance company only grants the household aid until the end of chemo, but Prof. Dr. Breidenbach did say „until further notice“. No way! Herr Becker calls me on the way home and I need to get another document signed from the doctor documenting the further therapy and all will be fine!

Chemo nurse Block says that she will not make any predictions, if my hair will stay or go, but I think that there are good chances and also….lighter patches?!! Probably just my imagination! Fingers crossed …. Markus will probably roll his eyes because I write about my hair again, but I love love love it and I am excited to see what structure and colour it will have – so far dark and white mixed. My new eyelashes & brows are white as well and there is fine hair growing in my face and on my arms – but I don’t have to shave my legs yet 😉

I pretty much know all the other faces at chemo now and it makes it even more normal to regularly go! Claudia and Sonja are not here this week, so I quickly chat to the elderly lady next to me about the advantage of having a port and fall asleep.

I gained weight again and make a point to only bring only half a bag of candy, NO chocolate and an apple to chemo, have my carrot juice and jacket potato after chemo – this time I eat it there and watch the people – I love doing that! …. and I eat the chocolate the minute I get home 🙄.

The kids are at Nina’s again for a play date. They really enjoy these afternoons/ evenings and Markus also gets some dinner, when he picks them up! Thanks ❤️ Time for me to go to sleep 😴

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