10 January 2018

Oh what a day….I have a cold, but want to go to a moderate LaufMamaLauf training and coffee 😉, need to drop something off at the doctor’s and be by 1pm with the new psychologist….. pfewww… the Haus LebensWert, where Frau Scheulen is located has a variety of psycho oncology offers for cancer patients and she recommends a music or art therapy, which I shall book tomorrow. I will see her again, when she has a space available, which might be in appr. 3 months.

2.45pm English playgroup with Leo & Jakob, we meet Mia and Anja at the playground and I drop them off at gymnastics at 5.00pm, as I need to be at the Institut for Intuition by 5.45pm!

Christina and I arrive late and already entering the room, I have the urge to leave again. Half the audience sits there with their eyes closed touching their chakras …. oh please! Alexandra gives a short introduction and each of us are paired with someone, who will do a reading or healing with us (these were actually the people, with the closed eyes). Sandra tells me about pictures she sees and all I have to do is say my full name a few times. The funny thing is that I can picture this and that it touches me emotionally. Very interesting – Christina and I use the opportunity to discuss this over dinner and drinks in the Eckstein 😉 Tomorrow is chemo day and I will sleep all day …. awwww!

Spiritual awakening…

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