9 January 2018

The tumor is gone, gone, gone….. whoooohoooo 🎉

Prof. Dr. Breidenbach is really nice as usual and I ask when the genetics test will happen and she is surprised that Holweide did not organize it yet – that will be the next step. Concerning my outstanding chemos, she still wants to finish the full cycle of 12 Ts, which I am completely fine with – only realizing afterwards that my last chemo will be the first day of Karneval 🤦‍♀️ Well, it is only the first day of Karneval and I can still celebrate the remaining days – on the other hand, pioh is located near Rudolfplatz, where it is all happening during Karneval …. there is no way I can even get there. I will check, if they can do it a day early!

Further subjects are lyphdrainage – I can continue and it is not an issue during chemo (as my sentinels were ok), I will continue to have the household aid until further notice, I will get the handicapped pass (50%) next time in Holweide and she will schedule the MRT for prior to Karneval, in order for me to travel & recover without any worries.  She asks about my weight and yes, Cortisone makes you hungry and causes water retention 🙄 I say that I am often hot and that is also why I don’t want to wear a wig and she says that it is menopause…. BAM! I thought it was cortisone and that chemo would kill any fertility and menopause would start after the anti hormone therapy, but now… at 44?!? Whatever….I still blame the cortisone!

She is such a great doctor and quite cool about everything – I do everything that is good for me and she totally has my back here. There is a cancer history in her family and she is completely dedicated to make a difference – we also discuss Kim and how sad it is, if young patients are sent away without being checked properly for breast cancer, as they are „too young“.

Prof. Dr. Breidenbach checks both breasts with the ultrasound and finds absolutely nothing apart from the tumor marker and she is extremely pleased with everything – and so am I. She says that „we still have to make a decision“ concerning the operation – I thought that she had made this decision long time ago, but it will have to wait until after chemo now. In case she will hollow the breast and also ‚do‘ the other side, does this mean that she will also hollow the other side?!?….. no, only if the gene test is positive. This means that I would have a full silikon breast and a half one 😜 interesting and apparently the health insurance will decide what will happen to my second breast, but she says that she cannot just do one, which makes sense with gravity, etc. …. again – we will discuss the details later. The next meeting will be post the MRT, which is yet another check that the tumor is gone and that there are no other areas of concern. „Total remission“ can only be given by the pathologist post operation, but I am all positive.

My cousin’s daughter Marie is 10 today and I stop by before going to Holweide to see the psychologist…. here I am eating cake at my cousin’s just like I did on the day of my diagnosis, when her other daughter Jule started school 😉 Chemo brain kicks in again on my way to Holweide. A friend had a baby, which is in a very critical state and I want to drop off a goodie bag with magazines & sweets, as she is in Holweide, but notice that I left it on the tube 🤦‍♀️ Someone will be happy…. thank god there is a little shop in the hospital, where I can buy it again…..

I see the psycho oncologist. She will be at the intuition training the next day, which will be interesting and hopefully not as spiritual as I fear – I will still give it a try, as she says that it would be perfect for me. She tells me about the different aspects of rehab and the differences in quality. That will be a subject down the line though – I don’t even know, if I want to do it, but it is probably a good idea and there is a service in Holweide, which can give advise about the different rehabs on offer. I drop off the newly purchased magazines & candy in my friend’s room, as she is with the baby, pick up Leo from Kindergarten and drop him off at gymnastics, have coffee with Lea and look forward to a quiet evening. Whooooo, I am so happy!!

Tumor there – tumor gone!

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