29 January 2018

The situation is already very emotional, but with chemo drugs, I am even more emotional than normally and cry all morning trying to write to Sandra’s family. My mind does not stand still and since I have so much time to think, I do not find a way out of this mental spin – I need to get out of the house to distract myself! I finally write and post the letter and after physio and a grocery run, I go for some well needed ‘coffee therapy’ to Café Pause with Nina. Simone joins us and Maja picks me up for lunch in the salad bar next door…. as Tabea said – the café scene in Nippes would currently not survive without me 😉

Trying to be all healthy prior to Karneval, Maja and I have Indian spinach & lentil soup …. hmmm…. but I am shaking from too much coffee and emotions. I ride home and try to rest until the kids return, but chat to the bosom buddies and my school friend Vera instead, which is the best for recharging my batteries. I even have the energy to bath both kids, which is wonderful ❤

Apparently I do not look too well, as the girls thought that I did not wear any make-up. OK, it was not a lot, just some eyebrow colour, mascara on my five lashes (which is now really pointless) and eyeliner, but you don’t know what it looks like without any make-up at all – you would be shocked….I will have to wear MORE make-up! My bosom buddies told me about these tattoo eyebrows and I cannot wait for the drugstore to open tomorrow – beautiful brows, bring them on! I will post the results unless I look like Theo Waigel 😉

Yes, I am still on antibiotics, but I feel a little better and did consider yoga for about five minutes… Markus is happy that he can quite regularly go to his sports lately, but next week, I will go again!



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