30 January 2018

Attention – Beauty blog 😉

After dropping off Leo, I cannot wait to hit the drugstore to get the magic tattoo eyebrows. You paint them on and then peel them off and whoops, you have eyebrows again. It sounds too good to be true and I definitely am not up-to-date when it comes to beauty products. I learn about lash extensions (not suitable right now, as there is nothing to extend, but make a mental note to keep this in mind) and buy some tattoo eyeliner.

I am in Cafe Pause – for a change – to catch up with Hannah after finishing my errands. The girl, who works there, asks me, if I am ok again with my friend. I do not think that I have seen her since the start of the year, but I must have left a lasting impression back then venting my anger about my friend Nick. At the time she did give me a complimentary coffee 😉 …on the other hand, I am kind of easy to recognize with my bald head 🙄

Since I am tired, I cancel my lunch date and ride home to finally try my new eyebrows before I rest. Well, I am happy with the results! Now I will see how long they last and get some energy for the rest of the day… note to self – learn more about cool products! Thank you Bosom Buddies for bringing me up-to-date! There is a whole world out there, which I am apparently not aware of – jeez, I think I am old… but hey, I got eyebrows! Time to take them out for a spin 😜

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