31 January 2018

I am sooo tired … again! Yesterday I fall asleep all dressed, only to wake up at 3.00am, when Mia decides to be awake. I finally get ready for bed and spend the next two hours laying next to her, while she is singing all her favorite songs, naming all food, which she loves and wants, naming all my body parts, while randomly resting on my belly (much more comfortable post cortisone), chest, neck and cheek 🙄!

Today everything is too much, but also too good…. I go for a mild workout and a heavy coffee & lunch session with the running mamas, quick shower & chat with the Bosom Buddies and it starts raining cats and dogs…. but I still have to pick up Leo and drop him off at the English playgroup. This is the last time we go there and I am quite happy about it! While I wait for him I book my first two nights in Canggu (Bali) on AirBnB for me, myself and I, as Silke is only joining me on the 18th, when we go together to Ubud…. Now I really cannot wait!

Next stop is the department store Kaufhof for Leo’s birthday wish list inspiration. His birthday is in September, but he is determined that it is about time to start thinking about it and since he has never been to a proper toy shop, he is amazed by all the products and cannot stop saying „Wow! Mum, come here… wow!“. We buy something little for him and Mia and off we go – still in the pouring rain – to my hairdresser CUT… obviously it is not me getting a trim!

Hannah lives in the same house as CUT and we go to her place for a playdate before we ride the bike home (still raining).

Yes, it is raining a lot and I have a busy schedule, but I am very happy today and really enjoy the day! I am tired, but I feel alive and I do normal things not having time to check my messages …. that will all change again tomorrow, when I have my second last (!!!) chemo! Thanks to Luisa and Nina for looking after my kids once again in order for me to have peace and quietness post chemo!

Maybe I am going a bit overboard, but I currently have the eyebrow colour on my eyebrows again to make them a bit darker and also on my lids as eyeliner colour….. I will try to leave it overnight and hope I will still have eyesight when I wake up 😜 Fingers crossed!img_9457 At the hairdressers….

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