1 February 2018

Chemo 15/16 ✔️

Beauty update: I was too scared to leave the eyebrow colour on all night and peeled it off before I went to bed last night and they are quite dark. I ask Markus at breakfast, if they are too dark and he states „yeah, but you still peel them off, right!?!?“ …ahhhh! They loose intensity after a shower though and I like them! The attempt to tattoo an eyeliner line (or whatever you call that), also went terribly wrong. I lines did go for a wander during the night and are everywhere, but nothing permanently and my eyes are swollen and sore …. This is probably already the dramatic end to my bright beauty blog future 😉 Yet, I am in a good mood today and even manage a drugstore and cash maschine run prior to chemo!

Today is the last time I am meeting Sonja at pioh and she gives me a little good luck bracelet ❤️, while I get a lecture from nurse Fassbender about doing sports while having an infection. She is right, I know – the heart… even no muscle training! Well, next Wednesday is LAST chemo day and I cannot do sports anyway 😉

Dr. Reiser comes to see me and I shall take the antibiotics for another week and we are going ahead with the chemo. It is quite funny, but all my doctor’s look like they could play in one of these hospital soaps…. maybe this is all not real!??! No, as actually feel the port needle quite intensely today. Last time, the spot was bruised a bit, maybe that is why. These needles look dramatic, as they are really thick, but normally I look away, inhale, they punch it in and all is done.

I actually sleep a good hour at Chemo and get a jacket potato, which they call „Kumpir“ at BearSalad…..hmmmmm and some fresh carrot juice. I sit there, look at the people passing by and feel the peace and quietness.

„You are hungry? You did not have breakfast!?“ The driver asks, as I start eating the licorice I stocked up on, now feeling a bit guilty, as I had breakfast and lunch… „no, I had chemo and it makes me hungry“ he looks at me, nods and says „you will do it! “ and I nod back „this was in fact chemo 15/16 and all is going well! Thanks!“ … and then it comes – attention Bullshit bingo lovers: he wants to know what cancer I have „Aha, breastcancer! You know what you have to do?!? I had a passenger once with the same cancer…. beetroot juice! You can get it in Rewe, go to the beverage section and they sell little packages, but make sure it says Bio on it. It is great and the cancer will be gone!“ 😂🤣 I just thank him – I know he meant well and he is such a friendly chap – sorry, Mr. Taxidriver! Yep, all this time with cancer research wasted, while the answer was always there – but nobody asked the taxi driver in Cologne! Go Bosom Buddies – drink beetroot juice☝️

I talk for a long time with my school friend Gregor on the phone. I know him from kindergarten/music school already and connections will always be there. We are always automatically ourselves – we know so much about each other. Talking to him about Sandra, helps both of us and I am mentally stronger and stronger. Saturday should be a day to celebrate her life!

Waiting for my second last chemo!!

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