2 February 2018

I am one day late, but it is important and here it is: on each first of each month it is boobie check day! I honestly never checked mine, but found the lump while showering! Breast cancer is one of the best curable cancers, if caught early enough! Check yourself and if you are uncertain, rather have it checked out and insist, if they do not check it properly…. I was lucky that my doctor called a specialist to do a biopsy right away on the next day and I will always be greatful for that, as my cancer is a really aggressive one, fast growing and happyly metastatic, Bit at this point it had only spread locally!

Chemo 15/16 came and chemo 15/16 went…. I feel fit and ride to my physio at 8.00am, followed by podology (lost my little toe nail already and one of the big ones will be next 😢) and my MRT/ MRI appointment at the Hospital Holweide. These appointments are scary, but I am all positive, as there was nothing left of my tumor on the ultrasound.

In the radiology hallway I bump into Regi, the wonderful guy, who comforted me when I was crying after my first CT scan. I ask him about his baby and tell him about Bali. We chat about India and he says that I should go to Kerala. „I have been to Cochin and my neighbours actually have a hotel there!“ „The Killians?“ Yep – they are good family friends….. I love these small word moments!

The MRT starts not so good, as they need three attempts to put the access for the contrast injection… I almost faint after the second attempt due to low blood pressure and am being put on a stretcher for attempt number three, which is successful 😜

I seem to have a needle issue lately, as I felt the port being punched quite badly yesterday and they needed three attempt at the genetics test as well to take blood 🙄 the MRT goes all smoothly though and I will get the results next week, when I see Prof. Dr. Breidenbach!

I am on the train to my parents, as Sandra’s funeral is already at 8:30am tomorrow morning and Christof collects me already at 7:20 😴…. in my suitcase is my wig. I might wear it tomorrow for the first time, but see how it feels. Somehow I think that this is Sandra’s day and that the cancer should not be a subject, but since it is all outside, I might be ok with just the hat…. we will see!

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