28 January 2018

I think my big toe nails are slowly saying good bye now 😢, my new lashes are almost all gone again, I have skin irritations and have gained more weight – I really had enough and cannot wait for the chemo to be over!!…. Silke has booked her flights to join me for one week in Bali and now we can start looking for accommodation, yoga, meditation, etc. – I really need this now to keep me going and I look forward to rest, peace and quietness.

Today is time for a quiet day, as I am tired and exhausted. We just stay at home and Carla and her dad come around.

Leo and I have tickets for the Deine Freunde concert in Palladium and we are both not in the mood, but I decide not to arrive too much in advance and only stay for an hour. There is a massive queue and for the first time, I use the cancer joker, as I don’t think I am fit enough to queue for thirty minutes and the security lady let’s us in through the VIP entrance. Thanks! These kids concerts are amazing – I would never thought that something like this existed until my nephew Finn told me about it…

Sandra’s funeral is next Saturday and I cannot stop thinking about her. It helps a lot to talk to my school friends and it brings us closer together, as we are all united in shock. I am dreading Saturday, but I really want to go to somehow be close to Sandra, her family and my friends.




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