26 January 2018

Mia was restless and I took her in my bed last night – which I loooove, but I could not sleep until 11:00pm and have been awake since at least 1:30 am 😴 ….then again, I am a mother – we can cope with no sleep at all …NOT!

Digital detox does not work with sleepless nights – I did watch a movie though (which is not really non digital, but somehow better), but it was a bit disturbing and I could not fall asleep again.

I have bad mom moments again for leaving the kids for two weeks, but I need to recharge my batteries and rest my brain and preferably in a warm climate. I am sure they will be fine, but I am torn apart and almost cancelled my flight! Well, they need a fit Mum as well, I know and I cannot get any rest here and I always wanted to do this and now is the time.

I use the time the cleaning lady is here to clean up the bedroom – declutter would be more appropriate – as things just pile up here! While I am at it, I do the sideboard in the hallway and the bathroom shelves…. Wow, what power cortisone is giving me – all done and it is only 9:30am …. I do paperwork and online banking (triple checking all the numbers 😉) and after physio I want to rest… the carpenter comes around just as I lay down – no rest for the wicked!

I manage a little sleep, before it is Spiritual Awakening time again at the Institut für Intuition… what a weird experience and it lasts way too long taking away my rest at home before the von Brücken gig at Kulturkirche tonight. The idea of the intuition training is to listen to your heart and we have to think about colours, which is all fine and a meditation in a way, but then there is the final exercise, where we should in pairs feel each other’s aura 🤪 This is too much, sorry, I feel nothing and do not need this again! I agree though to a healing session, which is actually nice. This lady walks around me, touches my shoulders and tells me that I am full of love and she gives me green and gold colours and a gold protection! I like that pictures and dash off!

I should go straight with Christina to the gig now, but have to pick up my antibiotics from home …. pfew. After a quick hello, I jump on my bike and meet Christina. I have a tummy ache since this stupid aura reading, but hope that it will be better, when I am at the concert! I did not plan to stuff the day this much, but it just happened 😉

The band leader of von Brücken actually had to stop at the peak of his career due to anxiety, started a therapy and wrote a book about it. He is very authentic and emotional during the concert and I really love the concert! We even can sit in between, as the church benches were left on the sides. Since Mia and Leo’s Christening, I think I have only been here for concerts and readings 😉

Food dilemma – they always sell pretzels at the bar in Kulturkirche, but not today, which means that Christina and I still have to get food after the concert for me to take the antibiotics 🙄 We go to Da Franco, I have pasta and drinks and it rounds up a great evening, but that huge plate of spaghetti is keeping me awake now…. 😂🤣

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