3 December 2017

The first snow 🤗 The kids are so excited and I wish I was with them….it is just a little icing sugar, but Leo is hoping to build a ’sandman‘! I am crossing fingers and toes for more snow ….

I am still coughing, but this is day three of all my antibiotics drips and I was up until 4am last night…. In a way this is the old me again – I am a night owl by nature and I have my most creative moments then, but I am sooo tired today. They woke me at 6:30 for the first drip and I had to get up to inhale, as the coughing did not stop. I did cry last night and that also made the coughing worse…. I put the book away for a little bit…. but had to continue….Thank god there is nothing planned today apart from a few visits 😃 Starting the next book from my mummy gang „The Rosie Project“ ….Christina comes around with a good Latte Macchiato, which helps a lot and I have not seen her for ages ❤️

I realized last night that the reason I was so busy the last month, was that I was running away…. from my thoughts. It is easier to get over something, if I am busy, but being busy is not the right thing for me at the moment and surprisingly I am absolutely fine doing nothing! I also realized that I started being ill on the 31st October and that is more than a month actually! The coughing started later though 😉 I am happy I can finally rest and hopefully recover soon!

Dr. Schünemann comes to see me again and says that I need to be patient and I will still need time to recover, which is fine and he says that I have the right attitude! Yeah! I am still coughing but think it is a little bit better today….

The running Mamas run the Nikolaus run, but honestly, I do not envy them today with the snow and the rain. Thanks Tabea for carrying my chip – it will probably be the fastest I ever ran 😉

The kids finally visit me again, but Leo did fall asleep on the way and I just take him into bed with me like last time…. I miss those cuddles …. Mia is being her temperamental self and I love them so much. They have to go and I miss them, but I have to be fit again to go home! Today she said „noodle“ for the first time…. actually „Mia more noodle“ – she eats so much!

Katja lives opposite the hospital, but cannot see me, as she got one of these kindergarten infections – even though she stopped chemo weeks a go, her immune system is still weak…. what an outlook 🙄 I am actually glad there are no more visitors and cancel Tina, as I really need time to sleep during the day!

Franz tells me that the next day the entire ward is moving to a newly renovated ward with minibar, large flat screen TV, tablet holders, balconies and somehow I am hoping that I can move with Hans & Franz despite the fact that this room already feels quite luxurious, Franz is raving about the new ward…. going home would be nice as well though 😉

I have a Sweet Sushi evening with Sylvie….. hmmmm! Much nicer than the hospital dinner, which I also had a bit of, but they serve it at 5:30 and I have to be up until at least 10:30, when the last antibiotics bag has run. I just finished the huge bag of candy Michael gave to me, but I think I actually lost weight since I arrived – Hurray to Sweet Sushi! 🍱

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