2 December 2017

Markus took Leo to the emergency services last night, therefore I did not switch my phone off……mild imflammation of the middle ear. Obviously he did not sleep at Carla’s, but he is fine again today. My phone is playing funny games…. it restarts every few minutes and annoys me so much that I switch it off most of the day! I was supposed to get my new phone today, but it has apparently not arrived yet and they will call me on Monday 🙄

I love my new room and the private ward …. feels like being in a hotel – nurses Hans and Franz (he is actually called Christian and I need to make an effort here) make me constantly laugh …. they are the perfect double act, but also take turns to see me and brighten my day!

Yesterday, Christian took my temperature and said that it will take three days for the antibiotics to show results. My arm is actually burning and he says that this antibiotic is very aggressive and makes my venes burst 😳 What?!?! He says that I should not worry, as it is only internal…. oh, that make a difference! Not! I wonder why they don’t give it via the port then, where it can do less damage? Christian compliments my clever idea, but refers me to the doctor. He probably think „….another smartass patient“ 😂

Hans puts the second antibiotics infusion at 8:00. After a few minutes it runs down my arm. Christian says that the venes cannot take it any more and that I will get a new intravenous access.

At lunchtime Dr. Schünemann comes to see me, tells me that they will get the results from the bronchoscopy on Monday and until then they will continue with the two antibiotics. He says that something should have been done earlier, but I told him that all doctors knew about my coughing and there was nothing else I could have done! He says that I can come and see them directly now, if anything happens again, as my immune system is really weak…. as he leaves, I quickly ask, why they don’t give the aggressive antibiotics via the port? „I don’t know – by all means you should get it via the port! Good point!“ 😁 I finally get my port punched and the antibiotics can continue. Hans and Franz stop working at lunch time and I miss them, but so far, all the staff is extremely nice! The only issue I have is pressing the button – when I was an air hostess I hated the people, who pressed the button …. it is for emergencies only, so why should I press it here when the antibiotics are finished?!?! They still insist I should press it though. Ok!

It is so nice to have a chemo free week – I don’t know if it is that or the resting, but my mind is really calm and is resting as well. I feel that my body can recover a bit from all the chemos now and I love the idea! The fact that I can easily read a book again, makes me wanting to not stop reading at all. I missed it so much and I am reading „The Life List“ (Conny’s recommendation) all day! Markus will actually drop off another book before going to Hauke’s 50th Birthday bash, which is literally around the corner.

Lars comes to see me at lunchtime and it is lovely to catch up with him! Antje sees me between two operations, as she works in Klösterchen hospital and we have not seen each other since the day I got my diagnosis. When Simone visits in the afternoon, she tells me that all apple users, who use Headspace and the meditation reminders, have the issue with the restarting phones and Apple has just released an update – whooohooo…. that fixed my phone and Simone is my hero of the day!

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. Dear Alex, you are a strong fighter. Keep on kicking! Your strength is amazing too. Through tears and fears, we send you tons of love. Xx

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