1 December 2017

Oh I am loving this – sleeping, resting and relaxing! I was so tired after yesterday, as they made me inhale on different machines until late at night and I really needed this!

I am on an almost constant drip of antibiotics, but I am still coughing. An atypical pneumonia is a pneumonia, but the symptoms are weaker and it is hard to detect. Low fever, if at all, low inflammation levels, hard to hear, when examining the chest, etc. and that is why it was detected so late despite the fact that I am being examined regularly prior to chemo and some of the changes in my blood levels could also have been caused by chemo.

At some point I am being rolled to the bronchioscopy. Prof. Dr. Galetke and his team are really nice and here I feel normal – there are people coughing left, right and center. They explain one more time that they will go with a tube into my lungs and already the thought makes me cringe – thank god they put me to sleep.

Waking up, Prof. Dr. Galetke says that there is pus in both side of my lungs and that he wants me to stay until Monday at least. They said I was fighting a bit and my nose is bleeding 😳

He will discuss my results with Dr. Reiser during Tuesday’s tumor conference, but I might not be able to do the chemo on Thursday….They roll me straight to my single room and I sleep a bit more! I love the room! I know I had been doing too much and maybe I needed a bit of a harder wake-up call than others, but I am here and now and do nothing else than reading (it actually works again!) and resting and only allow little windows for the phone – I needed a bit of digital detox as well.

The kids and Markus come to see me in the late afternoon – I ask all other visitors to see me during the weekend. Sylvie might pop in later, but that is ok. It is lovely to see my kids, but Leo is really sad, when they leave 😢

Markus brings along what was supposed to be my Mummy Gang Chemo present – a Rituals advent calendar ❤️ – and leaves with detailed instructions where to be when during the weekend and where to find the advent wreath and what candles to buy for it – bless him 😉

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