30 November 2017

Chemo day…. At least that was the plan!

Chemo nurse Fassbender gives me a very concerned look, as I enter coughing away… the usual: she checks my blood, checks my temperature and says that I have a fever…. hmmm…. additionally her and Dr. Reiser are concerned that I am still coughing and make an appointment at the PAN Klinik for a quick lung CT. No chemo today, but as I am disappointed, Dr. Reiser promises me to simply skip this one 😉

Nurse Fassbender tells me to use the week to rest and recover now and to not go out …. she is reading my blog, so no getting away here. I promise to do so!

I take the tram and hurry to the Pan Klinik. The radiology brings back memories of the day I got my diagnosis, but it is ok. No crying this time during the CT 😉! I get the results and it is probably an atypical pneumonia and it has been there for a while.

Back to Dr. Reiser, who calls the hospital. He wants to have a bronchoscopy, where they flush the lungs, test what was flushed out and determine afterwards what is inside my lungs in order not to waste time with the wrong antibiotics. He is such a nice guy and we laugh a lot, he gets the paperwork ready and off I go to hospital.

Cardiogramm first, then nurse Tobi tortures me digging for some venes and they get me to inhale for a long time. The doctor examines me and says that I will have to stay for two nights and I need to get things organized. Markus needs to pack my things and as he needs to pick up the kids from Nina, I post for the first time a message in the What’s App group „Alex needs help“ for someone to bring my stuff to hospital. This is amazing – they actually battle about it, but Michael wins!

Poor Markus – it is quite a challenge for him to find all my things and coughing telephone instructions don’t help. On top of this, I planned to get the advent calendar ready in the afternoon, which he will also have to do now with my barking guidance via the phone once the kids are asleep.

I get a room quite late and it is quite grim – there are no single rooms available … I hope the old lady next to me does not snore 🙈 she is big and a smoker and whinges…. fingers crossed. I did already warn her about my coughing, but the nurse said she would give me something for a quiet and peaceful night for both of us 😴Tomorrow they have a single room for me!

The good thing about the hospital is that there are no alternatives to resting and no kids, who wake me early! I feel sad though that I could not even say goodbye to them and asked Markus to let the kids call me via FaceTime before they go to sleep ❤️

They only wanted to start with the antibiotics after the bronchoscopy, but while Michael is here – he brought drinks, magazines and candy and we chat away – they start the antibiotics infusions anyway?!?! I inhale and shall wait for the things to come….

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