24 March 2018

What a nice and quiet day! Apart from Ulla, who bursts into my quiet breakfast in Café Pause like a hurricane 😉 What a funny lady and we figure that we went to the same school, but different times …. it’s a small world.

I enjoy the sunshine, visit two potential houses with Simone and her family, write a little in Café Wohnraum and buy some clothes! Why?!? I don’t know… it is spring and I need some colour! Since my diagnosis, the colour scheme in my wardrobe has changed…. it is brighter and fits my new life quite nicely.

I know that I am going on and on about my hair growth, but I will not say much and just post an update picture 😉 the benefit of patchy regrowth is that I do not have to shave any unwanted hair yet!

Mum has just arrived, my brother Micky will drop off my nephew/ godchild Finn shortly and we will go out tonight! Sushi night with an 8 year old …. yeah 😂

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