25 March 2018

What a beautiful and relaxing day and thank you Eurowings for cancelling my brother Micky’s flight. The sun is shining, it is warm, I put a dress on and he picks me up with a DriveNow (car sharing) convertible for a coffee at Café Bauturm after my overnight guests leave….. I hardly see my brother, as he lives in Munich and love it! That’s the life – no time for you today, my friend cancer, sorry!

The rest of the day, I go with the flow…. stay in the neighbourhood by myself, write, visit a fleamarket and try not to get a sunburn 😜. I love being alone at times, watching the people, while I have a coffee…. I feel like an invisible observer and then I talk to people, but today, I mainly want to be by myself! Social contacts give me strength, but now I am just enjoying my own company!

Have you heard of Kuromakupoke?!? Poke is Hawaiian – chopped food with rice/ zucchini noodles or baby leaves …. I cannot decide and try all three with all sort of raw stuff on top, crunchy toppings and sauce…. I wanted to try it for ages and it’s my late lunch …. yuuummmy! If I had known this – why did everyone onboard the QE2 always had chicken wings at Hooter’s during our overnights in Honolulu 🤦‍♀️ …. Kim is from Hawaii and probably saying „I could have told you, but there is no way you would have talked the lads out of it“ …. Hooter’s girls or raw food bowls…. hmmmm…. tough one, guys, right?!?! 🤔

Yes, I should sort out my mess at home, but the day to too beautiful …. should could…. blablabla…. Spring is here! I can sort out my stuff when it is raining 😉 Having said that, Markus calls that they are almost in Cologne…. I quickly go home and enjoy the late afternoon with my kiddos!

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