26 March 2018

Sunny day and packing is on our agenda…. bahhh…. I am mastering my procrastination skills going to the beautician, running some errands, meeting Hannah at Café Pause and since we have no household aid today, I have to look after the kids this afternoon …. ahhhhh….. somehow it always falls into place and we will be at Legoland tomorrow…. hopefully!

I am a bit scared, as my breast is hurting and a bit numb with loads of pressure inside and a fairly new bruise, but I will get it checked out first thing tomorrow morning before we go and meanwhile use Traumeel creme, as per my physiotherapist Frau Dietrich. Tomorrow I will also get the remaining pathological results from Prof. Dr. Breidenbach and a perspective with rough timelines, as the tumor conference is discussing my case tonight. I want to book a mini cruise on QM2 and Maja planned a trip with me to Berlin in June and I need to juggle all around my treatments 😉. More importantly I want to know what consequences the still active tumor will mean, how the chemo pills will work and how long it will last for, etc. etc.

My toe nails look horrible, as now the first big one fell off and the left one is barely hanging on. It’s not long to go until open shoe season…. how long do they take to regrow?!? I am glad it is not the finger nails!!

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