27 March 2018

Despite Mia singing „Oh Tannenbaum“ and playing hide & seek with herself under my blanket at 3:00am, I am with Prof. Dr. Breidenbach by 8:00am.

I am being told off for not contacting her via What’s App before the weekend…I have a massive haematoma in my breasts, which she punctures and while she draws a lot of blood the pressure is less and less. I am supposed to see her two days later before she goes on holidays, but she is ok with me going skiing and puts me on antibiotics. Whoohoo…. just need to see Prof. Dr. Warm Tuesday evening instead!

The tumor conference took place yesterday and despite the images my bosom buddy Merle and I had in our heads of tired doctors sitting in a pub with loads of files, it is a meeting in one of the breast centers and there are staff, who prepare all the information beforehand 😉

The majority of the tumor conference wants me to do another chemo straight after radiation. Radiation will be for four weeks and chemo would start straight afterwards! One cycle is three weeks and they have currently planned six of them…. pfewww…. the good thing is that the side effects are usually less… we will see! Downturn number one: This will take me into September treatment wise 🙄 and like with any chemo, I shall avoid the sun … and it will be all summer 🙄! But I am not a big sun fan anyway and it takes what it takes, I will have more poison in my body and detox afterwards again …. but for now, I will enjoy Legoland and skiing!

My kids‘ eyes are sparkling with joy and so are mine as we enter Legoland. I am a small child again and cannot wait for the park to open again tomorrow!

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