23 March 2018

At lunchtime we pick up the kids from Kindergarten and they leave with Markus for Holland. Mia’s godfather Volker organized the weekend for the second time and they call it their man motivation weekend, as they are telling each other all weekend long what a great job they do with their kids and how cool the are 😉 Markus is the only one with two kids and they are the two youngest and therefore the other guys admire him…

And they should by all means – since my diagnosis he has really grown into looking after the kids. In the past he left the house before they got up and only returned after dinner, but now he gets them ready every morning, drops them off at Kindergarten and gets them ready for bed at night. It was hard for him at first, but after a few weeks he got the hang of it and is doing a great job.

Cancer is not only about me, but also about my family. My biggest worry was that my children would suffer and therefore the first thing I did was organize my kids‘ daily routines without me and Markus bringing the kids in the morning and the household aids picking them up, are the main pillars here. Naturally I am still there, but I went from main to supporting actress giving me the freedom to retract any time I have or need to. To know that their routines continued no matter if I am there or not, gives me the reassurance that they are fine. Suddenly having to go to hospital, feeling weak after chemo, whatever it is, I do not have to organize anyone to step in for me and can just relax and concentrate on getting better. Markus is a very private person, who does not want to be in this blog, but he does a great job with our kids, which helps me a lot! Thank you!!

…. and I am going out now 🎉

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