22 March 2018

I do not regret at all that I did a lot yesterday, but I pay the price today…. I want my old me back!! My breast hurts, there are blood strains on my T-Shirt and I am exhausted and cry a little.

Today marks six weeks past chemo and I have to appreciate the improvements I see so far …. babysteps! My concentration span is increasing – I can read again! My body feels generally fitter… not today though 😉

Bosom Buddy Merle comes up with this theory that the exhaustion after chemo is the lack of cortisone …. good point. During chemo you are like on ecstasy or as an article stated „chemo is like ADHS with Alzheimer“, you are constantly awake and restless and after chemo, you are tired and exhausted and don’t get the regular cortisone booster. Several people comment that the cortisone has noticeably left my face and I am so happy…. I rather have exhaustion than this pancake face!

I clean myself up and go to physio. Frau Dietrich reckons that a doctor should look at my breast…. Prof. Dr. Breidenbach is operating today in Holweide and I shall contact the Hospital Holweide. They refer me to my gynaecologist and I almost cannot be bothered, but since Dr. Rix is happy to see me, I head downtown and hope I can combine it with a nice lunch, as Holweide is pretty deserted when it comes to culinary possibilities 😉

Yep, the operation wound did burst open, but nothing to worry – I shall take it easy and she tapes it all over the place, stating that „this cannot open in a hundred years“ … don’t challenge me! Just kidding… 😉

I feel dizzy and decide to have a coffee before meeting Simone, when I bump into Isa, my school friend from home…. I love these moments and she joins me for a coffee! My mood is getting better as the day progresses, I meet Simone for a late lunch and Hannah comes around with the kids in the afternoon. Markus is going out tonight and I will cuddle up with a book – yes, I appreciate that I can finally read again 😀

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